23 February, 2020
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The general objective of the project is the transfer of the methodology and of the tools for the competence management used by Region Friuli Venezia Giulia towards the European partners of the project. The adoption of competence based training design models implies a significant change in the way we specify the training objectives, described as activities the learner will be able to carry out the performances at the end of the course, instead of as a list of contents he/she will know at end of the training period. This is an outstanding step in terms of transparency of job descriptions and training objectives among education and training sector, labour market, society. The advantages, at least potential, are evident for individuals, companies, institutions, because they support employability and professional mobility, competitiveness and flexibility in companies as well as the development of the economy and of the territory. For this reason competency-based training design has started in VET systems both for initial and continuous training It has been adopted in the last years in many educational and training fields and also is the base for an effective use of the Europass and for the development of ECVET.

The scope of the project is to improve the quality of training activities and interaction with companies in order to foster innovative practices in the management and design of competency-based training paths and develop therefore the transparency and recognition of professional qualifications and competencies.

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