23 July, 2019
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Project results/products:
Result 1: Acquisition of techniques and methods for the training needs analysis - methodology of design and delivery of training activities: User Guide (250 copies. - 150 in Polish and 100 in English)
Result 2: Adaptation, integration and use of information tool created by Partner 2 (IT)
MapCom software (professional competencies mapping) is an information tool which allows to apply a model of training needs analysis based on the work process analysis.
The most innovative aspects of the transfer of the good practice to other organizations are that the recipients will have:
  • the possibility to develop work processes mappings (and thus repertoires of CUs - certification units) and context mapping (professional profiles intended as clusters of performances) stable in time, easy to update and to integrate, characterised by a high degree of transparency within sectors of economy allready elaborated by ENAIP;
  • the availability of tools (software for mapping) and data (work processes mappings and context mapping of region FVG) from which to start for a quick adaptation to the local, regional and international contexts;
  • the possibility to open a constant dialogue and exchange with other organizations, at regional and international level.
Result 3:International Report: Comparison of mappings of processes and professional profiles created in Partners' countries (500 printed copies + CD ROM and e-book accessable via Internet)

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